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We are collectively moving through an unforeseen, unprecedented, and uncertain time in history for our world. The existence of a bona fide resource and action plan for a pandemic is critical for your business. AIM/R knows that.

No doubt you have received more communications than you can count from local, state/province, federal, and world authorities on the topic of the coronavirus-COVID-19. Know that your association is working to provide available resources for rep agencies navigating how to run a business in a COVID-19 world. This page is just one of those resources. As always, please check with your local, state, and federal authorities on directives for your area and part of the world.

The good news? Plumbing and HVAC are considered to be essential life-sustaining industries per the U.S. Government! Sinks, toilets, pipes, hot water heaters, and what you manufacturer and/or sell are on the must-have lists in the U.S. and Canada. Learn more here.

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Tools and resources that are beneficial to the association, industry and membership will be carefully considered before posting.

Official Resources

United States

For updates on the response of the U.S. government to the Coronavirus – COVID-19, click here.

Cases in the United States

Thirty Days to Slow the Spread

What is each state doing? Which state has declared shelter-in-place? Check out this map provided by COVID ACT NOW for a quick snapshot of each state.

Who's staying home? Check out the map with The New York Times.

Which states are allowing construction? Check out this state-by-state tracker.

The following states are under in shelter-in-place status. The public health pages for each state is also a wealth of information.

For the list of critical industries according to U.S. Homeland Security CISA, click here. For the update on March 28th, click here.

U.S. Legislation

For Small Businesses

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Cases in Canada

See updates on the Canadian government's response to Coronavirus – COVID-19, click here.

For Small Businesses

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