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Belonging to AIM/R isn’t a cost of doing business. It’s an investment with immediate returns. Your valuable member benefits and services not only quickly save you more than the cost of membership, they put you at the threshold of opportunity day after day. As an AIM/R member, you get these and much, much more!

Annual AIM/R Management Conference

AIM/R’s annual conference is a great way to network with other reps who share the same successes and frustrations and it is a great educational opportunity. The manufacturers’ agency business is constantly changing and this is the best way to learn about the trends affecting the business and to learn about coping strategies to deal with today’s challenges.

The life of a rep can be a lonely existence at times and by networking with fellow agents you come away knowing you are not alone and that there is strength in numbers.

Listing In Locator

Whenever you ask a rep, “Are you looking for new lines?” the answer is almost always “I’m always looking for new lines.” One way to access new lines is by joining AIM/R and being listed in the Locator, the plumbing, heating, cooling and piping industry’s leading resource manufacturers use to find reps.

Instant Hot Lines Bulletins

An alternative to the Locator is AIM/R’s Instant Hot Lines E-mail Bulletins that manufacturers use to find reps. As a member of AIM/R, you will receive these notices telling you about potential new lines that are available.

Expert Access

Need to talk to a professional about various aspects of rep business operation?

  • Legal Services Program For Independent Manufacturers’ Representatives – As the owner of a business, chances are you will need legal advice from time to time, whether it’s how to word specific issues in contracts or how to collect commissions from recalcitrant principals. AIM/R’s Legal Services Program for Independent Manufacturers’ Representatives is just the ticket for this.
  • Business Counseling – We live in a time when change is not only inevitable, but it’s occurring at an ever increasing pace. Have a question about what’s going on or the operation of a rep business? You can call AIM/R’s toll-free number and discuss the issue with one of several rep-experienced staff members.
  • Medical, Life, Dental And Disability Insurance – Medical health premiums are becoming an ever increasing part of a manufacturers’ agency’s budget. Our insurance experts can answer questions about medical, life, dental and disability insurance programs and offer AIM/R members a variety of managed-care options and a vast range of deductible plans that help keep premiums low.
  • Business Office Insurance Products – Product, Casualty, Liability, Auto and Workman’s Comp. Insurance are also important aspects of a rep company operation. AIM/R members have access to professionals who can answer questions and provide products and services to fill the needs of the business.
  • Human Resources – Hiring agency personnel is a challenge and AIM/R members can get discounts on a very effective testing program that helps determine whether the applicant is suited for the position or not. Discounted assessments of existing work force personnel are also available.

News & Views, AIM/R’s Quarterly Newsletter

This publication addresses issues specific to the plumbing, heating, cooling and piping industries. It’s a way to stay informed about trends and issues affecting this unique arena.

Annual Year-End Tax Planning Guide

Towards the end of the year, members will receive a tax planning guide which contains information about changes in the tax laws and ways of significantly reducing tax liabilities.

Access To MRERF Programs

As AIM/R is a sponsoring member of the Manufacturers’ Representatives Educational Research Foundation (MRERF), members get discounts on the CPMR and other MRERF programs.

Industry Relations

AIM/R has strong relationships with ASA (American Supply Association), ISH North America (International Trade Show for Kitchen and Bath, Plumbing, PVF, Heating and Air Conditioning) and ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers).

Members Online

If your company has a web site you can be listed on the Manufacturer/Associate page of the AIM/R web site. A link to your web site will provide prospective principals with additional information on your business.

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